• Lomas Mews East unit


This project was designed to be a two-faced urban wall along Lomas Boulevard, one of Albuquerque’s busiest surface arterial streets. Big, fast-moving vehicles determine the street-scape scale and have discouraged human dwelling along this thoroughfare between downtown and Old Town Albuquerque. As designed, small windows in the north-facing wall provide interior security and noise control at the same time providing “eyes on the street,” an expression by urban planner Jane Jacobs indicating that the habitants of the street become its security. The glazed south wall looks into an old residential neighborhood and  is heated through passive-solar insulation.  The second floor is the living floor with the bedroom occupying a loft above.  A roof deck provides an aerie over the neighborhood.  The units as a row of five may block traffic noise from the boulevard to the houses in the neighborhood immediately south.